12 October 2012: Prism Defence Named Top South Australian Exporter
Despite tough export conditions in the last financial year, Prism Defence was able to prevail and be recognised as overall SA Exporter of the Year in the 2012 Business SA Export Awards. For the third consecutive year, Prism also won in its category - Small to Medium Services. Prism was one of 11 category winners honoured at the awards luncheon in Adelaide, South Australia.

19 May 2012: Seasprite Trials Completed in New Zealand
A three-week First of Class Flight Trial (FOCFT) was conducted aboard the Royal New Zealand Navy's (RNZN) Otago Class Offshore Patrol Vessels. The trial was conducted jointly by the RNZN and Prism test crew. Flight testing was conducted in a wide range of environmental conditions, including night operations for the purpose of developing Ship Helicopter Operating Limits (SHOL) and assessing ships aviation facilities, including night lighting and visual landing aids.

19 April 2012: Royal Danish Navy Frigate Trials
The Lynx Mk90B helicopter was again put through its paces during flight trials in the North Atlantic. Ship Helicopter Operating Limits were developed for the Lynx operating aboard the RDN's new Iver Huitfeldt Class Frigates. In conjunction with SHOL development, Prism engineering staff conducted a number of experiments to improve the fidelity and accuracy of modeling tools. Custom load cells were used to measure lashing loads whilst the aircraft was restrained on the flight deck and a series of measurements were taken with two 3-D anemometers in order to map the airflow over the flight deck. Both experiments provided valuable real-world data which is being used to validate DeckSAFE (Prism's proprietary dynamic analysis package) and Computational Fluid Dynamic tools.

24 February 2012: Prism Acquires Holopoint Interactive
Prism Defence is proud to announce the acquisition of Adelaide company Holopoint Interactive Pty Ltd. Holopoint is a dynamic company that produces innovative simulations and serious games for business and learning. Holopoint has been integrating impressive visualisation features into Prism's engineering simulations and training packages. Holopoint's technical prowess and innovative culture makes it the perfect match for Prism Defence; helping Prism to stay at the forefront of ship helicopter integration technology.